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Yamaha Opens 7-Day International Motorshow


On September 7th, Yamaha Philippines officially opened the Philippine leg of their International Motorshow at the Mall of Asia Atrium, with displays of their latest local and international offerings, from underbones, sportbikes and even watercraft. It was a spectacular showcase of their extremely varied lineup, and should serve to entice buyers to go with the industry-leading brand.

Along with the individual bikes, watercraft and gear, the Yamaha executives went on to let the public know that they would be starting to roll out fuel-injected versions of their bikes, which boast increased fuel efficiency as well as reduce the environmental impact and cost of ownership. The company also went on to boast of their local manufacturing facilities that not only produce world-class bikes, but generate employment and income for the communities in which they are located.

On top of the locally available scoots and bikes, Yamaha brought in the M1 GP bike decked out in Jorge Lorenzo’s Championship livery. The Yamaha motorshow will continue until the 12th of September, at the Mall of Asia, so head over and see the latest from motoring giant.