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    Quick Look: Igloohome Smart Keybox 2

    TechnologyAccessories & PeripheralsQuick Look: Igloohome Smart Keybox 2

    Ideal for Airbnbs and other shared properties, the Igloohome Smart Keybox allows safe storage of keys and keycards. It can be accessed remotely once the PIN code is generated, and the PIN can be sent to guests via SMS or email. Through the Igloohome app, property owners can create and activate PIN codes at a certain time, monitor battery status, and unlock the keybox. It can hold up to 6 keys and 7 keycards, and comes with two replaceable shackles for mounting on walls and hanging on doorknobs. Among its security features are a lockout mode, auto relock, decoy security code, and an emergency DC 9V jumpstart when the battery is low.

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE September 2019 Issue

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