Quick Look: OtterBox Pursuit for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

    Maintain the streamlined design of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones while giving them better protection with the OtterBox Pursuit.

    This case, available for both the S9 and S9+, is OtterBox’s thinnest and toughest yet. It features two-piece construction that easily secures your device in a snap. Designed to block out the ingress of dust and grime, and reduce the impact of drops and dings, this case is what you’d want to wrap your phone. On top of these, the case also has audio scoops to amplify sound from speakers and comes with a lanyard for added security while carrying.

    Quick Features:

    • Impact liner protects against drops and elements that may harm the phone
    • Port-seal protects lightning port and speakers
    • PursuiTech audio protection acoustically transparent membrane protects speakers and mic from debris with integrated Audio Scoops that channel sound forward for optimal listening
    • Sealed camera opening allows advanced optics to capture images as designed, while sealing against phone to prevent ingress

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