Acer will stop making cheap, unprofitable products, hedging its bets on ultrabooks next year

    Acer has not had a good year. The Taiwanese manufacturer has posted its first loss in a decade, and as a result its CEO has deemed that some kind of refocusing is in order. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Acer CEO J.T. Wang has said that the company will shift their focus from pursuing market share blindly with cheap and unprofitable products. The Acer head honcho wants to put a big focus on ultrabooks, saying that “Ultrabooks will become our key growth driver next year as customers want a lighter, thinner notebook with longer battery life. Selling more ultrabooks will also help improve our profit margins as they command higher prices.” It’s still unclear what products will get the axe, and Acer has gone on record that they’d never give up netbooks, so your guess is as good us ours on which products Acer will drop next year.

    Source: All Things D, Digitimes

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