Microsoft Windows Blue is officially Windows 8.1

    Windows 8, which has been around for all of half an hour it seems, is getting an incremental update in a few months. Initially known by its internal name Windows Blue, its official name has been revealed. It will apparently be called Windows 8.1.

    While it initially seems a bit prosaic, this gives us a few clues. Firstly, that it will indeed be a small update to the OS, so don’t expect anything earth-shattering. It will have a few nifty features,  but it will basically be the same Windows 8 we have come to love (or hate). This also means that the guys over at Redmond have a few more updates to the OS as time goes by. It seems they are going roughly the same route as the Windows Phone OS and will be building the operating system over a series of updates rather than one big drop.

    The computing public should see 8.1 hit the usual channels late this year, while the developer release should be available at Microsoft’s BUILD Conference in June this year. Just between us though, we kinda liked “Windows Blue,” but as long as we get more of the same experience we have been seeing with the current iteration of Windows, we won’t much mind.


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