Snapchat Will Redesign its UI Soon

    Prepare your eyes as you witness something fresh from Snapchat’s newest update!

    According to CEO Evan Spiegel, the multimedia mobile application is working on some significant changes for a better user experience after receiving complaints. This move will be beneficial for the app’s part since it could certainly welcome new audience.

    Unfortunately, the planned remodeling could affect others who already mastered the current version.

    Furthermore, the Snapchat team explores numerous ways of bringing content to its viewers in a “more personalized manner” while maintaining the exploratory nature of the app.

    With over 178 million of active accounts, Snapchat founders are serious in developing new solutions for the app’s “Live Stories” mode. There will also have a new Android version of Snapchat that differ from the regular version.

    There’s no exact date yet for the release of the mobile app’s latest upgrade so fans should still wait for further announcements.

    Source: The Verge

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