The Last of Us, Steelbook Edition, a quick unboxing

    EJ from X-Play was kind enough to get us here at Gadgets a copy of the hotly-anticipated PS3 Exclusive game, The Last of Us. We’re setting aside some (all) of our time this week to playing it. We’ll be trying out periodic online video reviews of our progress. It should be interesting to say the least, so do stay tuned, or better yet, get your own copy! Head over to Netopia or for the Steelbook Edition of The Last of Us. Seriously, this is being hailed as the greatest game of this generation. You really don’t want to miss out.

    For now, have a look at what comes with the Steelbook Edition. It’s a great game, by all accounts, so those of you looking to get your own copy might want to take a quick look. Please be kind, we’re trying this new format out, so please send us your suggestions!


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