Viber public chat lets you in on celeb gossip

    TechnologyAppsViber public chat lets you in on celeb gossip


    Free messaging app, Viber, recently introduced its latest feature–Public Chats. Now anyone can listen in to what your favorite celebs, personalities, or brands are talking about.

    As described by Viber CEO Talmon Marco, Public Chats “give you that fly-on-the-wall experience as you watch other people that you care about as they have conversations.”


    How does Public Chat work?

    It’s pretty straightforward. It’s a chat conversation between one or more people made public for every eavesdropper’s reading pleasure. From the Public Chat tab on your app, you can start exploring public chats to read and if you like it, you have an option to ‘Follow’.

    It isn’t an option to join in on the conversation so users can’t comment or add people to the group.

    There are currently 25 active public chat accounts in the Philippines ranging from personalities like The Boys Night Out, and Itchyworms to brands like Globe, Smart, and SM Supermalls. More public chats are expected to go live as the new feature rolls out.


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