Audiofrog Car Audio enters PH market

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    Audiofrog was developed with the audiophile in mind, but designed to deliver a sound experience that is attuned for every kind of enthusiast and every kind of music.

    The philosophy behind Audiofrog is simple — to provide the best in-class performance across all its product lines, focused largely in delivering superior sound engineering and modern in-house designs. In addition, Audiofrog puts importance on offering innovative solutions for installation and tuning implementations. This creates a holistic environment for both R&D and business development. 

    The Audiofrog Car Audio Category proudly enters the Philippine market under the exclusive distribution of Waido Marketing & Distribution Inc. It is slated to be a contender in the premium audiophile segment, offering both highly engineered products and an exceptional sound quality experience.

    There are currently two main product lines for Audiofrog in the Philippines. The GB range counts as the premium competition line and the GS is the high-end category geared for a listening experience that is attainable, yet extraordinary. 

    The ultimate highlight for Audiofrog was being able to garner numerous awards since its inception, specifically from participation in renowned sound quality competitions like Car Audio Play, Mobile Sound Festival, and the Mobile Electronics Competition Association. 

    The Founders

    Marcus Yeo and Andy Wehmeyer hailed from the heydays of Harman International, both having built decades-long careers in Singapore and the United States, respectively. With a bout of experience in engineering, installation, and sales development, Marcus and Andy brought the same enthusiasm and know-how when they founded Audiofrog more than 10 years ago. 

    Marcus Yeo, director, holds a stellar reputation in the car audio industry, spanning a career of more than three decades. He started out as a Sales Executive for Pioneer Electronics Singapore, then quickly elevated to a Divisional Manager and Corporate Marketing role for the Car Audio Division. 

    Marcus soon moved on to become the Subsidiary Director of Harman International Singapore and the Managing Director of Harman Consumer Business (P&L), Asia-Pacific. He handled the full Harman audio category range that included Home Audio, Car Audio, Portable Audio, Headphones, and Luxury Audio. 

    Andy Wehmeyer, president, discovered his passion for audio engineering when he built his first set of home audio speakers in his grandfather’s garage in 1982. This sparked an interest in a career in the car audio industry that spurred a move into joining Harman USA for almost two decades as an Audio Installer, then a Product Manager. 

    Andy’s career in Harman led him to forge a strong friendship with Marcus. In 2013, along with other friends in the industry, the pair founded and established Audiofrog, a premium audio brand rooted in the philosophy of delivering the best in sound quality through superior audio engineering and extensive product development. The brand covers two categories under its umbrella: Car Audio and Commercial & Institutional Audio.

    Audiofrog is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with a sales network that covers the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In Asia, its official corporate office is currently based in Singapore.

    Learn more about Audiofrog Car Audio by visiting the official Facebook page at Audiofrog Car Audio Philippines.

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