Quick Look: Beoplay M5

    This standalone spherical speaker has a multiroom audio capability that gives users a seamless way to connect to music they love.

    The M5 carries the highly-acclaimed Bang & Olufsen signature sound evenly in all directions, and is clad in a premium wool-blend fabric that adds beauty to any interior arrangement.

    It can conveniently be controlled through a compatible mobile device and has support for Google Chromecast built-in, Beolink Multiroom, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple AirPlay. On top of all these, the Beoplay also has True360 sound, various driver units, and power amplifiers to bring powerful sound and style into your home.

    Quick Specifications:

    • Designer: Cecilie Manz
    • Effective frequency range: 37-22.000 Hz
    • Power amplifiers: 1 x 40W/160W peak, Class D for the woofer
      1 x 30W/120W peak, Class D for the midrange
      1 x 30W/120W peak, Class D for the front tweeter
      1 x 30W/60W peak, Class D for rear tweeters
    • Driver units: 1 x 5′ woofer
      1 x 1.5′ midrange
      3 x ¾’ tweeters
    • Setup via app: compatible with Beoplay app and Bang & Olufsen app
    • Connections: 1 x line-in 3.5 mm combi mini-jack analogue/digital (PCM)
      1 x Ethernet 10/100Mb
      1 x mains connection
      Wi-Fi dual band (WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4 and 5 GHz)
      Bluetooth 4.0

    PHP 34,990

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