Quick Look: Pioneer DDJ-SX3

    Pioneer’s third iteration of its 4-channel DJ controller DDJ-SX sports significant upgrades professional DJs and those looking to improve their craft would appreciate.

    The DDJ-SX3 has new features and expanded connectivity for smooth audio transitions. It has an intuitive interface, familiar layout, and high-quality casing, as well as dual USB ports for seamless changeovers when switching devices.

    The new DJ controller also comes built with a mic input terminal on the front, allowing DJs to talk to the crowd without needing to occupy any of the four mixer channels. Additionally, it has twin mic inputs on the rear along with controls for modifying levels, tweaking EQs, and applying effects to mics independently.

    Rounding out the deal are four popular Sound Color FX and Key Shift, Key Sync, and Pitch Play for effortlessly mixing tracks and creating live remixes.

    Key Features:

    • Three Mic inputs, plus Mic FX: users can control the level, EQ and low-cut filter, and add reverb and compressor to each – enabling you to tweak the sound to suit the venue and ensure clear speech and vocals. You can also enhance performances by applying Sound Color FX such as Echo, plus Serato DJ Pro FX, to the two Mics plugged into the rear panel.
    • Dual USB ports: connect two computers running Serato DJ Pro at the same time or connect a backup computer.
    • Sound Color FX: add texture and unique sounds to your mixes using the popular Filter, Echo, Jet and Noise FX.
    • Clear visual design maximising Serato DJ Pro features
    • Multicoloured Performance Pads: trigger 11 Serato DJ Pro features including Hot Cues, Sampler and Pitch Play with the large, multicoloured Performance Pads.
    • Jog wheels with reduced latency: scratching feels natural on the jog wheels, which feature reduced latency. Get instant information about the current playback status and position from the illuminating On Jog Display for more precise performances.
    • Clear design with quality look and feel
    • Advanced key-related features via Pitch ‘n Time DJ (licence included)
    • Stand-alone DJ mixer with multiple inputs/outputs
    • Serato Flip: A voucher for Serato Flip is included with the DDJ-SX3 so you can create and save Hot Cue sequences to make custom edits of your tracks and use the dedicated Serato Flip controls to play them back at the touch of a button. 
    • Grab handles on both sides
    • Mic input circuit
    • Needle search pad
    • Slip Mode

    The DDJ-SX3 will be available starting June 2018.

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