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Quick Look: Pioneer DDJ_SX3

The third iteration of Pioneer’s 4-channel DJ controller, the DDJ-SX carries significant upgrades professional DJs would appreciate.The DDJ-SX3 has an intuitive interface, familiar layout, and high-quality casing, as well as dual USB ports for seamless transitions when switching devices. The new DJ controller also comes built with a mic input terminal on the front, allowing DJs to talk to the crowd without occupying any of the four mixer channels. Additionally, it has twin mic inputs on the rear along with controls for modifying levels, tweaking EQs, and applying effects to mics independently for a comprehensive and top quality experience. Rounding out the deal are four popular Sound Color FX and Key Shift, Key Sync, and Pitch Play for effortlessly mixing tracks and creating live remixes.

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE July 2018 Issue