Quick Look: Sony IER-M9

    The Sony IER-M9 is a premium in-ear stage monitor headphones that provide the best tonal balance for monitoring your on-stage performance with absolute sound isolation and a stable fit.

    It is engineered with a Multi Balanced Armature (BA) system for achieving the best tonal balance for stage monitoring. The IER-M9’s Penta BA driver system (5 BA / 5 way) includes a super tweeter to give musicians an edge by feeling the rhythm and pitch of the music, as well as detailed nuances during live performances.

    The IER-M9 has an outer housing molded sound path and has dedicated audio grade film capacitors for refined sound with low distortion. For better sound reproduction, it is made with an outer housing shape that is designed to isolate noise and have a stable fit, 13 variations of ear buds, magnesium alloy diaphragm, gold-plated terminals, and silver-coated copper voice coils work in symphony to faithfully reproduce sound without losing any details.

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