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Quick Look: Sony MDR-Z7M2

Featuring a wide frequency response, dynamic range, and a linear plane wave, the MDR-Z7M2 over ear headphones offers listeners a three-dimensional and spatial sound experience existing in a live music space.

It utilizes a 70 mm HD driver along with aluminium-coated Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm to provide refined music reproduction for listeners. This combination also allows more natural sound with low coloration at mid-high range. Its driver unit contains a larger magnet for sharpened music clarity.

The pair of cans also feature Fibonacci-patterned grill, Beat Response Control, use of non-lead solder and corson alloy contacts in the jack, a standard unbalanced cable and a balanced connection cable, three dimensional sewing, as well as a synthetic leather headband with aluminum-alloy hanger and slider for keeping the headphones in place and providing comfort for hours on end of music listening.

Quick  Specifications:

  • High-Resolution Audio
  • Headphone Type: Closed, Dynamic
  • Wearing Style: Circumaural
  • Driver Unit: 70mm (Dome Type)
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Diaphragm: Aluminium coated LCP
  • Frequency Response: 4 Hz – 100kHZ
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW
  • Impedance (at 1kHz): 56 Ω
  • Power Handling Capacity: 2,000 mW (IEC)
  • Cable Length: Headphone cable (Approx. 3 m (118 1/8 in), silver-coated OFC strands, Gold-plated stereo mini plug), Balanced-connection headphone cable (Approx. 1.2 m (47 1/4 in), silver coated OFC strands, L-shaped gold plated balanced standard plug)
  • Cable Type: Detachable Y type
  • Plug: Headphone cable (Gold-plated stereo mini plug), Balanced-connection headphone cable (L-shaped gold plated balanced standard plug)
  • Diaphragm: Aluminium-coated LCP diaphragm