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Reviewed: Konzert Portarray 15

If you’ve been to public functions, concerts, and other large gatherings, then you probably have an idea what a line array is. They are neatly arranged systems of loudspeakers that produce sound able to fill large spaces. Konzert, a local audio solutions brand, sent over their version of this PA system to the Gadgets HQ, and we wasted no time to blast music—albeit discreetly—into our modest office. Here’s what we think of it.

Design: 3.5/5

The Konzert Portarray 15 is a compact format line array speaker system that comes packed in two boxes. One box contained the 15-inch active subwoofer, while another carried the stands, loudspeaker set, and other components.

There’s not much to be said about the design of the speakers. The subwoofer came in a standard boxy frame, while the line array speakers shared an identical rectangular build that’s curved at the front. The speakers are numbered one to four and are tagged as either left or right.

Ports are on the back so that when they’re stacked on top of each other and mounted on the corresponding stands, connections are out of sight. The subwoofer, on the other hand, has various ports on the back, control knobs, as well as a small display partnered with control buttons.

Hardware: 3.5/5

As a line array speaker system, the Konzert Portarray 15 has a 15-inch active subwoofer with a maximum 800-watt output and eight units that consist of 4- and 1-inch tweeters each. While this appears to be your standard loudspeaker arrangement, the Portarray 15 is equipped with user-friendly features that are convenient to use. The speaker system can be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device, and has an aux-in port, a USB port, and an SD card slot. It even has FM radio in the absence of the aforementioned sources, or if you just feel like listening to your good old radio stations.

User Experience: 4/5

It is apparent that the Portarray 15 is not for home or office use, but to get an idea of what this system could do, we got to work to assemble it. Two people in good shape can probably have it set up easily, but in our case, we had the entire creative department involved. The line array speakers had some weight to them, while the subwoofer was 10 times the weight of a small tweeter.

Setting up the speaker system was quite a challenge. You would usually turn to the user manual to solve this dilemma, but the guide that came with the package contained little information as to how to put the components together. It wasn’t rocket science figuring out which part connects to which though. The label on the speakers proved to be helpful, and after tightening up a few screws, the Portarray 15 was completed. The line-array speakers connect to the subwoofer, and that is where you do most of the controls. Knobs are easily accessible on the rear and give you the freedom to tweak settings for your desired audio output. The package also comes with a remote control, which is useful in the setup of public functions among others.

The stands might appear thin, but they actually do a good job at keeping the speakers aloft, though you do want to keep them on even ground. Our worries of the speakers toppling over vanished with the sturdiness of the stand. The tripod’s height can also be easily adjusted to complement where they’re going to be stationed.

What’s really great about this speaker system is its connectivity options. After powering the device up, you can choose to connect it to your phone and stream music, making DJ-ing effortless. The system can also accommodate up to two microphones.

And as the speakers are arranged in a linear manner and angled in a way they fire sound at different directions, the sound evenly spreads across the room or any other area.

Value: 4/5

The Konzert Portarray 15 retails for PHP 29,999, which is a good deal for what it offers: powerful and balanced sound through a massive 15-inch subwoofer and 8 units of loudspeakers.


  • Active Sub: 15-inch Subwoofer, 800 watts max
  • Line Array: 2 x 300 watts max, array – midrange 4-inch x 8 pcs
  • Array tweeter: 1 inch x 8 pcs
  • Package includes: 2pcs 6 meter speaker link cable, 6pcs 0.3 m array link cable, 2pcs assembly bracket, 2pcs 1.8 m tripod stands, remote control
  • Connectivity and features: Bluetooth/ USB/ SD/Aux-in/XLR/PL/2 microphone ports/FM radio remote

What’s Hot:

  • Affordable line-array system
  • Produces loud and clear sound
  • Various connectivity options

What’s Not:

  • User manual won’t help you much


We recommend this line array speakers to organizations in the market for a powerful yet affordable PA system.


Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE May 2019 Issue
Reviewed by Mia Carisse Barrientos