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Sony’s Line-up of High-Resolution Audio Products Bring Sound to the Next Level

At times, music can be  the language that communicates to the soul. It pleases; it inspires; it brings focus. There’s just no other experience like being  immersed with those good beats and pleasant tunes. To make sure you get that ultimate sound experience every time,  Sony has a line-up of high-resolution audio products for the audiophile in you.

Ushering in superior audio quality through Sony’s sound engineering efforts, products revealed late last year were: the MDR-Z1R Hi-Res Audio Stereo headphones,  the NW-WM1A Walkman® Hi-Res Audio player, the noise-canceling MDR-1000X wireless headphones, and the debut of the Walkman® NW-A30 series.

With the MDR-Z1R, Sony assures its users of  a premium sound quality coupled with an appealing aesthetic.Design-wise, it features exclusively engineered  premium materials that are specially handcrafted by artisans for an unparalleled sound experience. Joining in the design aesthetic is a  Fibonacci-patterned grill that enhances minimal sound coloration while reproducing high resolution sources. To satisfy audiophiles, the headphones support a wide frequency range that allows up to 120 kHz playback in High Resolution Audio with a 70 mm HD Driver.

Best paired with the MDR-Z1R headphones, the NW-WM1A Walkman® comes in handy as a digital music player that is able to support any music file thrown at it. Boasting balanced sound that’s pure and precise, the music player offers a listening experience like no other. Additionally, the sleek finish gives it an elegant design, and the wireless Bluetooth and LDAC technologies give the player added convenience.

Other products in the line-up include the MDR-1000X wireless headphones that feature industry-leading noise cancellation technologies with a ‘Personal NC Optimizer function” and the Walkman® NW-A30 series that offer vibrant and fashionable music players.

In Sony’s “One Signature Sound” event, Mr. Nobuyoshi Otake, president and managing director, Sony Philippines, said “This year marks Sony’s 70th anniversary and we are bringing the Signature Series to the Philippines with unparalleled excellence that the brand’s heritage is known for. We believe in providing the ultimate sound experience to our customers and with our new line of high-resolution products, we are making it more possible and accessible to our audience.”