Avoid bill shock with Globe’s Php999 bill cap on data plans

    TechnologyAvoid bill shock with Globe's Php999 bill cap on data plans

    Globe Postpaid subscribers may have gone online greeting happy, not realizing all the love they’ve been spreading via their mobile phones will shock ’em back to reality come the 2012 bill. But don’t fret. Globe just gave you one heck of a Christmas gift.

    Globe Telecom recently made its Postpaid PowerSurf plans even better with the implementation of a Php 999 bill cap to help users to avoid bill shock. With the new billing policy, postpaid subscribers registered to any of the PowerSurf plans need not worry about exceeding their allocated megabytes (MBs) because charging stops at Php 999.

    Postpaid PowerSurf is a mobile internet plan that gives Globe Postpaid subscribers MBs of mobile data, consumable per kilobyte (kb) and valid for 30 days. The plan is available in three variants: PowerSurf 99 (50MB), PowerSurf 299 (300MB) and PowerSurf 499 (1 GB). With the Php 999 bill cap, subscribers will not be charged above Php 999 each month for excess usage regardless of their PowerSurf plan subscription.

    This means that for as long as a postpaid subscriber is registered to any PowerSurf plan, they don’t need to monitor their usage strictly because they can be confident that they will never pay more than Php 999 for data use even if they exceed their respective plan’s MB limit.

    “Bill shock has always been a concern for most of our postpaid subscribers using smartphones, especially those who use data. Our new worry-free plans, headlined by the Php 999 bill cap, show that Globe truly values superior customer experience by proactively addressing bill shock and helping subscribers cope with their data usage,” said Joanna Africa, Head for Portfolio Management of Globe. “With the bill cap on PowerSurf in place, we give our postpaid subscribers peace of mind when they surf on their handsets – may it be an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. For as long as they are registered to any of our PowerSurf plans, they can enjoy mobile browsing without racking up an expensive bill.”

    Activate Globe Postpaid PowerSurf by visiting any Globe Store, calling the Globe Hotline at 730-1000 or texting POWERSURF 99/POWERSURF 299/POWERSURF 499 to 8888. For more information on Globe Mobile Internet, text SURF to 8888 or visit

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