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Fujifilm announces X-Pro3

Fujifilm has announced the arrival of its newest X-series flagship, the X-Pro3.  According to Fujifilm, the new X-Pro3 will arrive globally late November 2019.

The new X-Pro3 harkens back to the glory days of the film rangefinders. Fujifilm has blended the camera with the aesthetics of an analogue camera with modern technologies.  

The X-Pro3 has significant upgrades from the X-Pro2. Its top and bottom plates are now built from titanium while the body is made from magnesium alloy for a strong but light form factor. Aside from the basic titanium and magnesium alloy combo, Fujifilm will also be releasing another version with a hardening technology called Duratect to add to the camera’s ruggedness.

The X-Pro3 has a back-illuminated 4-inch 26.1-megapixel X-Trans CMOS sensor paired with Fujifilm’s fourth-generation X-Processor just like in X-T3 and X-T30. The pairing was made to ensure the right balance of performance and image quality.  With the hardware and new firmware, the phase-detection AF on the X-Pro3 working up to a luminance of -6EV which is near pitch darkness.  Another software enhancement from the pair is the AF Range Limiter function which Fujifilm has now built-in on the camera itself. 

The new Advance Hybrid Viewfinder lets users switch between an optical viewfinder (OVF) and an electronic viewfinder (EVF). The optical viewfinder provides a constant view of your subject, while the electronic viewfinder allows you to check the exposure settings while you shoot. The electronic viewfinder uses a 3.69-million dot EL panel with a high contrast letting given you finer details even in shadows and highlights.  The camera also has an electronic range finder feature which opens a small EVF window display within the OVF that displays electronic setting, and enlarges AF points and pictures taken.  

Another major upgrade of the X-Pro3 is its LCD screen. Unlike the X-Pro2, the X-Pro3 now has a tilting LCD screen making shooting difficult angles easier. On the rear is also a 1.28-inch LCD screen that displays the film effects the user is using. It can also display the current exposure settings of the camera.

The X-Pro3 will retail for PHP 104,990 for the non-Duratect version, and PHP 116,990 for the Duratect protected ones. It’s available in black for non-Duratect; And black or silver for the Duratect.  

Here’s a look at the Fujifilm X-Pro3