Croxtec: App aims to make roads safe for pedestrians and motorists

    The World Health Organization’s “Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013” states that over a third of road traffic deaths in low- and middle-income countries are pedestrians and cyclists. Road crashes in the Philippines claim 10,000 lives annually from the data provided by road safety advocates (Dahan Dahan sa Daan) in November 2018.

    Djanco Information Technology Solutions want to achieve when they developed Croxtec, a road safety app that will give warnings to all registered users of imminent danger.

    Debbie Anne Macariola-St.John, one of the founders of Djanco, oversaw the development of the app Croxtec (pronounced cross-tek). She has been based in the United States and has worked in the automotive industry for 24 years.

    The app wants to aid pedestrians so they can avoid injuries or even lose their lives from road crashes.

    Registered Croxtec users — pedestrians and motorists — will get an alert or warning on their smartphones when the app is switched on using their data plans. The app has the ability to locate road users if there is an oncoming danger. Motorists who might be driving on high speed will also get a warning that a pedestrian is nearby and crossing the street.

    Croxtec developed Zones to easily distinguish the “danger.” For pedestrians, the zones include the Safe Zone which indicates the user is within a radius of 25 meters and more; Caution Zone is when the user is within a radius of 16 meters to 25 meters; while the Unsafe Zone is when the user is within a radius of less than 16 meters.

    The Croxtec Zones for motorists are the Safe Zone which indicates that the user is within a radius of more than 75 meters; the Caution Zone is when the user is within a radius of 31-75 meters; and the Unsafe Zone says when the user is less than 31 meters.

    Like most apps, Croxtec will only work if the mobile phone data is enabled. However, its developers assured users that it can still work without interfering with other apps running in the background.

    Croxtec is available for download from Google Play for free or visit the website at

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