Help friends find work through PasaJob and earn referral rewards

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    Nowadays, it’s common for Filipinos to tap their social network for recommendations on what food to try, which series to watch, or which music genre to explore. Beyond leisure purposes, Filipinos also use their network to seek job opportunities or for reliable workers. In fact, approaching a close contact is the method of job searching most used by the unemployed based on a survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2019.

    Aside from making the search easier for the job seeker, benefits to utilizing referrals include boosting the chances of being seriously considered and a higher probability to be interviewed for the position. Referrals also help a company open access to a base of actual job seekers and their respective network of friends, family and contacts. 

    Once employed, referral hires are shown to be more productive with less time spent on recruitment and onboarding as their referrer would be inclined to encourage them to go through the application process and act as a guide on the onset. In addition to a relatively smoother recruitment process, referral hires report to have greater job satisfaction resulting in a longer tenure at the company.

    With all the benefits of referral hiring, it would be a no-brainer for companies to implement an employee referral program to help fill job vacancies. However, setting up a referral program could also spell more work for the company if it doesn’t already have an existing system in place.

    It’s a match

    PasaJob provides precisely that solution. As a long-chain referral-based job platform, it allows companies, job seekers, and employees to participate in a system that rewards successful referrers while matching employers to quality candidates. Unlike traditional job boards where the only allowed action is to apply, PasaJob enables users to also refer contacts that will be suitable for the role, and they’ll be given a payout if their referral is successfully hired.

    By signing up with PasaJob, companies can skip the hassle of creating their own referral program by using the app to encourage referral hiring. By doing so, they immediately reap the multiple benefits from referred hires along with the pros that come from the platform such as setting a preferred referral fee, tracking the referral chains of employees, and automating the process from job posting to payout. Using the platform also enables employers to cast a wider net as the app is publicly available so it doesn’t limit their pool to their employees’ network.

    “We want to bring jobs closer to Filipinos through their networks. There will always be jobs to fill and professionals who are looking for opportunities. This  platform enables us to bridge the gap through connectors whom we reward through referral fees, an additional income source that requires no investment,”  said Kristen Mariano, founder and CEO of PasaJob.

    Even if PasaJob was built to connect employers with potential workers, it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Side contests and weekly challenges, planned for the next iteration of the app, will keep users engaged and rewarded with prizes.

    Drawing from experience 

    PasaJob’s CTO and co-founder Eddie Ybañez draws from his experience as the founder and former CEO of the ride-hailing app MiCab by adapting the best practice in the transport industry to PasaJob. 

    “In order to streamline user experience on the app, we created two versions. One for the user, the job seekers and referrers, and one for the employer. This is so we can create a continuous feedback loop that will allow us to improve the app based on user insights,” said Ybañez.

    Through its platform, PasaJob can help connect employers and potential employees from varied industries. A couple of sectors it has its sights on are Business Processing

    Outsourcing (BPO) and freelance workers as job openings in these industries have seen a spike during the lockdown.

    For companies and organizations interested in utilizing PasaJob’s job referral platform, please contact [email protected] for inquiries. Meanwhile, job seekers and potential referrers can download the app from Google Play and the App Store.

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