Better Matches campaign connects talent with jobs that match their level

    TechnologyEmploymentBetter Matches campaign connects talent with jobs that match their level

    SEEK, the company that operates Asia’s online employment marketplace Jobstreet and Jobsdb, recently announced the launch of its region-wide AI-driven ‘Better Matches’ campaign in Asia. The creative campaign spotlights Jobstreet by SEEK’s ability to use world-class AI to empower talent and deliver better job matches than ever before. 

    The creative campaign features a series of animated videos that feature AI-like animals working in mismatched jobs that do not align with their inherent traits, leading to unforeseen circumstances. The animal theme symbolizes the increasingly complex jungle of talent and job seeking that both employers and talents have expressed in multiple surveys and online publications. 

    In the first video of the series, a giraffe is seen taking on the job of a taxi driver who has a female passenger in labor, asking to immediately be taken to the hospital. Being a long-necked animal, the giraffe couldn’t hear them from below, so Jobstreet by SEEK comes to the rescue to match him up with a role that fits his abilities better, where he can use his height to his advantage.  

    The series portrays an artistic analogy, inspiring people that finding better matches is key to a fulfilled career life with the help of the right platform. 

    The Better Matches campaign is part of SEEK’s overall effort to connect the right people with the right opportunities across Asia, following the merger of its APAC employment marketplaces – SEEK, Jobstreet, and Jobsdb. It intends to present Jobstreet’s new and improved platform as the latest digital solution to this growing problem through utilizing AI technology to deliver more access to opportunities, and talent, providing more useful features and personalization. 

    “The ‘Better Matches’ campaign is our creative and unique take on leading more jobseekers to better matching jobs that best suit their specific skills, job roles, and career aspirations. That is why Jobstreet by SEEK continues to innovate to cater to the new age of the job market, helping hirers and candidates get the best talent and roles for them respectively,” Dannah Majarocon​, managing director, Philippines, Jobstreet by SEEK.

    The integrated campaign will be broadcast across various platforms, including social media, television, outdoor, and Jobstreet by SEEK-owned channels. It will also be gradually rolled out in the other markets that SEEK has a presence in over the next few months.

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