Pru Life UK unveils a new dynamic space for its agile agency workforce with PRUHouse Makati

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    Reaffirming its solid support for its expanding agency force—the largest in the industry—Pru Life UK inaugurates PRUHouse in Makati following the opening of its first PRUHouse in Ortigas in 2022.

    PRUHouse Makati is pivotal to the growing need for hybrid work models and flexible arrangements. By providing a cutting-edge workspace that seamlessly integrates technology and design, Pru Life UK remains a frontrunner in driving workplace innovation and collaboration for its 42,000-strong agency force. 

    “PRUHouse Makati highlights our commitment to furthering the capabilities of our agency force to provide sound financial advice to our customers,” shared Allan Tumbaga, executive vice president & chief customer and marketing officer of Pru Life UK. “With this new PRUHouse, we aim to create an exciting and agile workplace enabling our growing agency force virtual connectivity and physical work venue, an environment conducive to collaboration, training, and development,” he added. 

    PRUHouse Makati
    (L-R) Diana Mercado, head of Agency Growth; Francis Ortega, chief financial officer; Sanjay Chakrabarty, president & chief executive officer; Allan Tumbaga, chief customer and marketing officer; Marylin Detalla-Averia, chief agency officer

    Conveniently located at Ayala North Exchange, PRUHouse Makati accommodates over 20 agency branches, offering a versatile space for financial advisors’ various engagements. Its functional amenities include leadership and meeting pods, team rooms, and training venues, ensuring adequate options for productivity, synergy, and meaningful interactions.

    Functionality meets modern design

    Meticulously curated to adapt to Pru Life UK’s growing agency force, PRUHouse Makati delivers an experiential workplace that brings life to the company values of pursuing an entrepreneurial spirit and succeeding together. 

    Upon entrance into the Gateway, guests are welcomed with vibrant bohemian colors leading to the main gathering area called The Hive, a wide space that can be used for big events or kickoffs. PRUHouse Makati developed additional training rooms conducive to sharing and socialization for smaller gatherings. Independent workstations are also available, each area following ergonomic design principles to encourage productivity.

    PRUHouse Makati

    Private pods are available for one-on-one sessions or independent work and are useful during conference calls, focusing on tasks, or coaching sessions with their managers. Along with these design elements, the space is also Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, equipped with eco-friendly features and design elements to minimize the company’s environmental footprint.

    Pru Life UK, the country’s leading life insurer, recorded the highest New Business Annual Premium Equivalent (NBAPE), amounting to PHP10.54 billion, representing an 11% year-on-year growth. The company also leads in total Premium Income from Variable Life Insurance products amounting to over PHP45.7 billion according to the Insurance Commission (IC) report as of 31 December 2023.

    For more information about PRUHouse Makati and Pru Life UK’s initiatives, visit

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