Bosch & Philips introduce PeopleCount crowd management technology for social distancing in public places

    Bosch, in partnership with Philips and local distributor Globaltronics, recently launched PeopleCount, a social distancing solution designed for both public and commercial spaces.

    PeopleCount is an all-in-one customizable security system that lets facility managers track, control, and manage the influx of people entering or leaving a premise. The system lets facility managers operate efficiently while, at the same time, encouraging people to follow social distancing protocols.

    PeopleCount uses the best of both Bosch and Philips technology. The system pairs Bosch’s intelligent camera solution with Philip’s powerful Android System on Chip (SoC) display to allow real-time monitoring and analysis of people flow with minimal human invention. The PeopleCount system can be used for either a single entranceway or multiple entrances simultaneously and displays data through a simple traffic light system. The system can also be used to keep customers and the public informed through both promotional and safety-messaging on the system screen.

    “As more business reopen, maintaining safe distancing especially in public areas is the utmost concern for any premise owner. PeopleCount is a solution that helps business owners implement safe distancing measures without having to change their current systems,” said Rowena Bonifacio, country sales director in the Philippines, Bosch Building Technologies.

    “It also gives public-facing spaces such as retailers, food and beverage outlets, house of worships, such as mosques, churches, and temples, as well as facilities such as gym and educational spaces to take immediate action when occupancy thresholds are reached, giving them peace of mind in keeping their staff and patrons safe,” she adds.

    PeopleCount is customizable and can be used in different types of venues. It has three main components: a standalone application that serves as the main control, a camera to track and analyze movements, and a monitor that displays communication for customers.

    The Bosch intelligent camera counts the number of people entering and exiting the facility using its video analytics feature, while the Philips Android SoC display keeps customers informed with visual alerts prior to entering.

    PeopleCount users can install single or multiple cameras and monitors across different entries or individual stores. The cameras can process information and be able to generate the occupancy status in real-time which will then be displayed on any browser-enabled display such as a tablet or an Android TV. This can also be integrated in other security systems so users have the advantage of controlling access to various points in a building.

    If the customer plans to use multiple cameras, the system can aggregate the count from the different cameras to monitor the occupancy in individual shops, floors, and even areas with multiple entry points. When the system detects that the maximum occupancy number has been reached, it can trigger an alert on the building’s access control system to secure the entrance until occupancy is reduced. The system can also display the information in real-time to the customers via the queue communications, alerting them whether they can enter or not.

    The display can also be used in different formats. The entire display can be used to signal whether a person must wait or can enter. The second is that it can be used 50/50, with one half used for entry instructions and the other half used for advertising. And lastly, part of the screen can be for a traffic light-like display to alert the customers while the larger area is used for other content or advertising.

    “Technology plays an important part in ensuring that every individual and surroundings are safe and secure,” said Rea Manalili, senior vice president for sales and marketing, Globaltronics. “Choosing a simple solution with advanced, integrated features will be instrumental in helping merchants and establishments owner revive their businesses with confidence.”

    Globaltronics has unveiled a few base promo plans for PeopleCount which includes setup and installation. Package A, with a 10-inch Philips display and the Bosch Flexidome IP micro 3000i,  will have an introductory price of PHP 72,000. Package B, consisting of a 24-inch Philips display and the Bosch camera, will cost PHP 93,000. And lastly, Package C with a 50-inch Philips display and the Bosch camera will cost PHP 177,000. The special introductory price will be available until October 15, 2020, only. Globaltronics also noted that they have other packages for bigger displays and multiple cameras.

    For more information about PeopleCount and what it can do, please contact

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