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    Eastern Communication Celebrates 140 Years of Strong Connection

    ArchivesEastern Communication Celebrates 140 Years of Strong Connection

    Eastern Communications launched a variety of connectivity products and solutions, which included Global Data, DDOS Protection, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 and Managed SD-WAN (Wide Area Network) services as the company celebrates its 140th anniversary. These solutions are designed to answer the connectivity needs of the modern Filipino workplace.

    High Speed Global Data Services

    Eastern Communications has added EIPL (Ethernet International Private Line) and Global MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) to its data portfolio. Their EIPL and Global MPLS services provide high speed, point-to-point, and point to multipoint service that transmits simultaneous two-way traffic between customer locations in the Philippines and across the world.

    These services are well suited for businesses in industries with overseas branches and offices such as banking and finance, manufacturing, transport and distribution, ICT and business process outsourcing companies.

    Managed Software Defined-Wide Area Networks

    Perfect for companies with multi-site and multi-branch businesses, the use of a Hybrid WAN allows for improved routing of bandwidth and the optimization of network transport services. This enablesenterprises to dynamically route traffic across a hybrid WAN, allotting more bandwidth availability for business-critical apps and better performance. This service also delivers other benefits such as improved network visibility and control, security, and better network planning and operations as companies can control the entire network through a single interface and enforce policies with ease based on business requirements.

    Managed WiFi Mesh

    Managed WiFi Mesh allows households or small businesses to have access to strong internet across the entire
    house or office. Without the hassle of cabling and setting it up, Eastern Communications’ WiFi Mesh creates a
    whole new WiFi network, different from your current router’s WiFi that provides rich interconnection beyond
    concrete walls and multi-stories.

    Better Cybersecurity through DDOS Protection

    DDoS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service attacks are one of the fastest growing threats in the cyber-attack landscape. A Denial of Service attack is when a server is deliberately targeted with very large numbers of requests, in order to block or crash the server. DDoS attacks are even more difficult to protect from as it aims to make online services unavailable through overwhelming traffic from multiple sources.

    Cloud Services

    Cloud adoption continues to rise globally and Eastern Communications is here to help Filipino companies reap the benefits of cloud services as it offers Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Office 365.

    Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines or VM is a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through Microsoft’s global network of datacenters.  

    “140 years is a milestone for us. The company has been witness to how communications services have played a crucial role in improving Filipino businesses and changing the lives of the Filipino people throughout history. More importantly, the company is also witness and an active participant to the enduring and constant need of its customers to connect with each other, no matter how many times technology has changed over the decades,” said Catherine Muynila, Marketing Division Head of Eastern Communications.

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