Honeywell presents cutting-edge technologies for productivity and efficiency

    Technology Enterprise Honeywell presents cutting-edge technologies for productivity and efficiency

    Professionals from the process industries gathered at the recently concluded Honeywell Philippines Technology Summit to learn more about solutions address key industries’ challenges.

    According to the latest report by the World Economic Forum, there are three challenges that hamper the production readiness of the Philippines in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). As a provider of industry-specific solutions, Honeywell Philippines introduces its newest automation software and cloud platforms that protect local industries’ people, infrastructure, and assets. These include:

    • Honeywell Trace, a powerful documentation and change management software which provides extensive search and analysis functions. It captures and records data 300 times more than other software on its class.
    • Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions, an end-to-end solution that defends availability, reliability, and safety of industrial control systems and plant operations of critical infrastructure institutions.
    • Honeywell’s Terminal Manager, a complete terminal automation software that manages critical issues facing bulk liquid terminals including multiple product handling with regulatory requirements. This is best used with the Experion Process Knowledge System.
    • ControlEdge PLC, a software that provides unprecedented connectivity through all levels of business operations. It boasts easy configuration, efficient operations, and reduces maintenance by liberating plant personnel from manual labor.
    • Experion Orion Console, the console that increases operator effectiveness by providing faster response, reducing fatigue, and increasing situational awareness.
    • Immersive Competency, a cloud-based simulation that uses AR and VR technologies to monitor and improve plant performance. It also detects accidents and unusual activities within the factory, sending notifications and SOPs to the administrator.
    •   Intelligent Wearables which allows industrial workers such as engineers to accomplish their tasks remotely. The voice-activated device brings live data, documents, works procedures, as well as health and safety information, and connects users to field workers through a small display that can be mounted to an ordinary helmet.

    “Our cutting-edge technologies  and solutions are helping the Philippines progress on their journey toward digital transformation. With our IIoT offerings, we support future growth through technological advances for a wide variety of industries, improving industrial operations and developing a new generation of skilled workers,” said Jeffrey Estrella, president, Honeywell Philippines.

    The summit also discussed the importance of Honeywell’s industrial cybersecurity solutions to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem.

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