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IT Girls: Women in Tech — Female pioneers spearhead KMC and Angat’s first Hotspot event

(L-R): Shawn Yao, Shumate Royo, Ana Pastor, Valentina Incognito, Arianne David, Ida Tiongson, Anj Vera

KMC and Angat.ph brought together five of the top female entrepreneurs and pioneers in the technology sector to empower, encourage, and educate fellow women on how to impact their respective organizations on a larger scale.

The Hotspot: A New Platform for Upskilling

KMC and Angat.ph envisioned a local labor force that is capable of performing beyond the standards of today. In line with that vision, both companies collaborated to create the “Hotspot.” This new undertaking is a series of pocket events that will help upskill Filipino tech enthusiasts and professionals, allowing them to hone their skills in an increasingly tech-driven workforce.

Attendees receive exclusive insights and advice from industry experts and updates on the latest tech trends while networking with peers, helping them forge stronger connections in the local tech landscape.

“We’re enthusiastic about helping professionals become more competitive, and I’m certain that future Hotspot events will become indispensable learning tools for local professionals” said Riccardo Corsini, KMC’s vp for marketing

The theme “IT Girls: Women in Tech” was chosen as the first iteration for the Hotspot.

All eyes are on Ms. Ida Tiongson as she explains the current Fintech landscape and its continous evolution in the Philippine market and the opportunities it proposes to enable business, start-ups and the Filipino community. Surrounding her during the panel are: managing director of Devcon Philippines and a co-founder of The Office Project, Shumate Royo; business development manager of EduCredit.ph, Ana Pastor; area manager sales of KMC Solutions, Valentina Incognito; co-Founder of Sulit.com.ph (now Carousell), Arianne David; president and CEO of Opal Portfolio Investments, Ida Tiongson; and CEO of TalentView, Anj Vera.

Women: An Emerging Force in the Tech Sector

Today, more and more female professionals have executive, senior management, and senior operations positions. Shawn Yao, producer at Bloomberg TV Philippines, hosted Women in Tech and led the way for the rest of the presenters, talking about how women have always been competitive and that the digital age has given them more opportunities to grow and set themselves apart.

The first presenter was Ida Tiongson, president for Opal Portfolio Investments. Ms. Tiongson discussed in detail the state and future of the Finance Tech landscape. The second speaker, CEO of Talentview Anj Vera, showcased the “evolution of work” and how much professionals and talent engagement has changed over the years, even using office space layouts as an example.

Shumate Royo, managing director for Devcon Ph, talked about how diverse technology is these days, discussing the cloud, artificial intelligence, and other groundbreaking advancements. The last speaker, Arianne David who co-founded Sulit.ph (now Carousell) discussed the challenges of owning a startup and enumerated the first steps of the journey to scaling up.

KMC and Angat.ph are currently developing future Hotspot events. For more information, visit the KMC website today.