Ogilvy launches Center for Behavioral Science in Asia

    TechnologyEnterpriseOgilvy launches Center for Behavioral Science in Asia

    Ogilvy Consulting — the global growth and innovation arm of Ogilvy — announced the launch of its Behavioral Science practice in Asia. Launched in North America in 2017, the practice focuses on how audiences think, feel, and behave to improve marketing and communications effectiveness. By moving away from assumptions about consumers, the Behavioral Science practice uses the latest insights from social psychology and behavioral economics, which in turn ensures creative solutions are touching the right nerves to make change a reality.

    Paolo Mercado has been appointed as vice president of behavioral science and will report directly to Jerry Smith, Ogilvy’s president of growth and innovation and CEO of Ogilvy Consulting, Asia.

     “The greatest gains to be made in business and society today should be anchored in a combination of tech, creativity, and psychology. Behavioral Science looks beyond demographics and what people say, to the inner workings of how people view the world and create their own identities. Instead of targeting people, understanding them works better. And that’s at the heart of how Behavioral Science helps us as marketers, by creating more effective ways to help brands achieve better outcomes,” said Mercado

    The Ogilvy Centre for Behavioral Science will do just that, in addition to bringing a new comprehensive approach to achieving client goals by combining the legendary Ogilvy expertise in brands, with new cognitive and behavioral insights. 

    “Our clients’ toughest business challenges are increasingly found at the intersection of brand, growth, innovation, and digital. As we work with them to transform their businesses and drive growth for the future, having a strong customer-centric brand is paramount. Behavioral Science is the key to unlocking that potential for organizational performance, product development, communications strategy, and service optimization,” said Jerry Smith.

    Prior to joining Ogilvy, Mercado spent 12 years with Nestlé where he headed up Marketing & Communications for China, and then in the Philippines where he also led Innovation. Throughout his career, Paolo has managed complex marketing projects in all major geographies of Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

    A passionate creative at heart, Paolo is also the founding president of the Creative Economy Council of the Philippines, a think tank that advocates for the recognition of creative industries as the country’s next economic growth driver.

    “Ogilvy Consulting has gone from strength to strength in Asia with double-digit revenue growth over the last few years. Behavioral Science will create a real edge for us in the marketplace, and Paolo’s diverse marketing and innovation experience, in addition to his background in psychology, makes him the perfect leader to help us transform the way we understand and move people on behalf of our clients” added Smith.

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