PLDT SME Nation expands Nfinite IT Solutions’ Communications Capabilities

    PLDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of the country’s leading ICT and digital services provider, through its small and medium business group PLDT SME Nation—embarks on a partnership with Nfinite IT Solutions, The Land Transportation and Regulatory Board’s (LTFRB) accredited provider of GPS devices.

    Through the LTFRB GPS tracking system, Nfinite IT Solutions helps fleet owners efficiently track and manage vehicles, so operators can monitor their drivers’ locations in real-time, receive over-speeding notifications, monitor driver safety cards, and identify route deviations.

    The collaboration will provide Nfinite IT Solutions with technology to help streamline business operations—Smart BizLTE, a fixed wireless broadband service, Smart Messaging Suite, a web messaging platform; and Smart Bizload, a web-based credit loading portal which allows them to manage and budget for their employees’ mobile credits.

    President and CEO Benjie Javier shared his joy for the partnership, saying, “I am passionate about innovating and transforming the transportation system in the Philippines. PLDT has been my telco—my support system—and I’m very happy with the service they’ve provided. This partnership can only get better.”

    FVP and Head of PLDT SME Nation Mitch Locsin likewise expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, adding, “Mr. Benjie Javier deserves our congratulations for all the work that he’s put into building Nfinite IT Solutions into the company that it is today.”

    “Thank you for entrusting PLDT and Smart with your company’s digital transformation, we look forward to doing even more together and watching you further improve the country’s transportation ecosystem,” Locsin added.

    PLDT SME Nation continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions to enterprises of all sizes, further advancing digital transformation across the country and region, in line with its mandate of nation-building.

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