SYKES Kind: How a culture of kindness brings hope during the pandemic

    TechnologyEnterpriseSYKES Kind: How a culture of kindness brings hope during the pandemic

    As the world continues its fight against the current health crisis, top call center company SYKES Philippines has stepped up in instilling hope among its employees through SYKES Kind, a special online campaign that encourages its employees to build and celebrate a culture of kindness starting from inside the workplace and out. 

    SYKES’ new campaign was founded on a thought-provoking question it posed for employees: “What kind of a teammate are you?”

    From its decades of experience in the business, SYKES has successfully established a work culture centered on helping people, which has become the very definition of the “SYKES Kind” of teammate. It set a great example just recently when SYKESers went above and beyond the call of duty with their agile and caring response to the health crisis, which ensured that other teammates remain safe.

    “The SYKES Kind campaign is a simple reminder that basically tugs at the core of our humanity, on what it means to be human. For us, it’s the small acts of kindness that can make a big difference in lifting someone’s spirit like expressing your gratefulness by saying thank you, and letting someone know how much you appreciate them. Each moment is a chance to ease someone’s burden and if only we are more mindful of others’ needs, we can all rise above life’s challenges, this corona virus pandemic included,” said Ken Juarez, vice president, area operations.

    To kick things off on the first day of the campaign, SYKESers participated in “Say Something Nice Day,” an offbeat holiday recognized in many parts of the world. To join the cause, SYKESers simply had to take to social media and express their appreciation and gratefulness to their teammates, leaders, and frontliners.

    To further support the campaign and raise the morale of the employees, the SYKES senior management team has likewise stepped up to the plate. In a series of videos on social media, their stories on how SYKES is embracing the new normal, along with the kindness that they have witnessed in doing so serve as encouragement to  all viewers, SYKESers or otherwise, to always choose to be grateful, positive, and kind.

    The SYKES Kind campaign was initially designed to spread positivity and kindness and boost the emotional well-being of SYKESers who continue to work onsite and have been staying at the office or temporary lodges since the community quarantine.  It was then extended to its online community to encourage the practice of kindness even to people outside the organization. With the cooperation and active participation of SYKESers and through the effective utilization of social media platforms, a wider audience is reached and influenced with the infectious good vibes.

    The SYKES Kind campaign is further amplified by encouraging the receivers of these little acts of kindness to pay it forward. SYKESers are gradually building hope around their circles in their own ways, and at the same time inspiring others to follow suit. 

    “Through this campaign, we also want to reinforce SYKES’ core values and reiterate our purpose statement of helping people, one caring interaction at a time, which extends beyond the business relationships we’ve built. It is a mindset that we hope our employees would practice in their personal lives as well. For instance, the campaign reminds them that simply being there for a friend is enough to help them cope with the challenges they are facing. This is exactly what the SYKES Kind of teammate is,” said Lia Lynn Marcos, senior director, HR APAC. “After all, being helpful and kind to one another has always been intrinsic to the Filipino culture so, in a way, the campaign allows us to celebrate who we are as Filipinos.”

    Go and spread kindness today! The SYKES Kind campaign may be viewed at SYKES Philippines’ official Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram account. More information about SYKES Philippines may be found at its official website.

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