PIXEL by Eplayment, a revolution in the creator economy

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    Starting as an e-wallet tailored to the needs of gamers, Eplayment has since grown its brand to be able to provide a channel for creators to lay down their roots and grow into their full potential. Banking on the idea of an inclusive community, PIXEL by Eplayment was launched as a way for Filipino creators to kickstart and healthily sustain their craft. 

    Content creation and influencer marketing have been through an exponential rise in recent years. The Philippines, ranking second worldwide in average daily social media usage, as stated in a Meltwater blog, has pushed this career path to the forefront. This comes as no surprise as in 2024 alone, there were an additional 1.8 million internet users in the Philippines, bringing the total number of social media-connected Filipinos up to 86.98 million. This number looms large against the 118.2 million total population of the Philippines. Additionally, in a study by Spiralytics, Filipinos are said to be among the most prominent followers of social media influencers and prefer influencers over brand accounts. This behavior pushes more and more people to emerge as burgeoning creators and influencers, amassing in numbers and cultivating what is now known as the “creator economy”. 

    The creator economy encompasses everything within the world of e-commerce and social media, from influencers to brands, to digital advertising and marketing firms. Goldman Sachs suggests that the Creator Economy could reach USD480 billion by 2027 and with the boom in this industry came the need to implement tools and services that cater to and support both the creators and their followers.

    “Competition is at an all-time high when it comes to content creation, and we want to uplift and give creators room for growth,” says Karlos Naidas, CEO of Eplayment. “PIXEL was created to primarily eliminate the creators’ pain point of having to manage their presence on multiple platforms, as their presence is what generates their earnings. Our key intent is to make monetization frictionless for content creators and, at the same time, also become a content aggregation and management platform to make the transition into content creation that much easier. As we look forward to fully adapting our technology with the creator economy, we also want to promote it as a  safe space where creators and fans could gather and foster the sense of community we always advocate for.”


    PIXEL is revolutionizing the industry with seamless content sharing and monetization features. Users can send “PIX” or the in-app credits as donations to their favorite creators. Creators, in turn, can easily cash out these credits through the Eplayment app and other supported e-wallets, without the hassle of usual banking procedures. The platform is also set to launch a number of other features such as batch rewarding for fans, account management capabilities for talent and marketing agencies that handle creators and influencers who aim to have a company-wide presence in-platform, and of course, the anticipated subscription model — all of which will be beneficial in promoting PIXEL as an creator monetization suite.

    “PIXEL and Eplayment have built a growing community over the years, and the loyalty and willingness to come together in the name of the brand really shows,” Karlos says. “What this tells us about the creator economy as a whole is that while content creation is an outwardly individual endeavor, it’s your fellow creators and your followers and fans that help you reach your goals in this industry and PIXEL will help them bridge this gap to attain leverage in content monetization.”

    “Content creation is a shift away from professional studio productions and PIXEL, along with its community of users, help alleviate the burdens that come along with being a one-man show by extending tools that simplify everything in one centralized hub,” he adds.

    With the industry of content creation becoming more lucrative by the day, new methods of how to penetrate this field have emerged, but PIXEL strives to stand out by holding true to its goal of community and inclusivity while addressing the issues that creators and followers face.

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