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    The Razer Naga V2 Pro is a gaming mouse with up to 22 programmable controls and up to 12 side buttons. Games are as distinct as the gamers they cater to. Every gamer needs to have a distinct arsenal depending on the way they play. Take MMORPG players. The number of skills they constantly need to cast (I feel you priest and sorcerer mains) means they need more actions per minute when gaming. Similarly, RTS gamers need to macro manage their units speedily and efficiently. Regular gear can’t cut it for these gamers, which is why they need something like the Razer Naga V2 Pro.

    Design: 4/5

    The Razer Naga V2 Pro bears a striking similarity to its predecessor, the Razer Naga Pro. This right-handed mouse has a matte black body and RGB on the Razer logo and side button (for 12 button panel only). The major difference is that the V2’s body size is larger, thanks to a larger finger rest on the right. Another slight difference is the lack of RGB on the scroll wheel, which I initially overlooked when comparing the two.

    The main draw for the Razer Naga Pro series is their interchangeable side panels that let you fit either a standard two-button, a six-button, or up to the traditional MMORPG 12-button panel. Beyond the side panels are six other buttons — the left and right clicks, the scroll wheel, the DPI adjustment button, the scroll wheel adjustment button, and the profile switch button beneath the mouse. The scroll can also be clicked left and right, and can be further customized for macros shortcuts for a total of 8 programmable actions without the side panel.

    Also underneath the mouse are the power, Bluetooth, the 2.4Ghz wireless mode switch, and the replaceable puck for Razer’s wireless charging. In addition to the mouse, the box comes with Razer’s 2.4GHz Wireless USB, a USB dongle, and the black Speedflex cable, which doubles as the mouse’s USB charger. The side panel also houses the wireless USB when not connected.

    One thing I would have appreciated, design-wise, is a white-colored variant for the Naga V2 Pro since it currently only comes in the standard black.

    Hardware: 4.5/5

    The Razer Naga Pro V2 features Razer’s Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor, similar to the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro. It has a max sensitivity of 30,000DPI and a max speed (IPS) of 750 with a max acceleration of up to 70G. For the switches, it has Razer’s new third-generation optical switches that are rated for up to 90 million clicks.

    Performance-wise, the Razer Naga Pro V2 is similar to the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro, mainly because of the similar sensor. That said, it is significantly heavier than the DeathAdder V3 Pro due to the added components, such as RGB and Bluetooth support.

    The battery life of the Naga Pro V2 is rated to last up to 150 hours on wireless and 300 hours on Bluetooth. Since receiving the mouse a couple of weeks ago, I only needed to charge it thrice — quite impressive, as I always forget to turn the mouse off when not in use.

    User Experience: 4.5/5

    Just when I thought that Razer couldn’t impress me more, the Naga V2 Pro simply blew me away. The DeathAdder V3 Pro was a battery powerhouse, lasting almost a month without charging. While the Naga V2 Pro didn’t last as long, this time I was impressed with all the customization I could do with it.

    Using the Razer Synapse, you can store up to 5 profiles from which you can customize lighting, DPI, polling rate, and even the scroll tension and steps. You can also set macros for Windows and other apps within it.

    The Naga V2 Pro shines in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV with the 12-button panel, but if you’re not a fan of MMORPGs, the 12-buttons can be customized as macro shortcuts in the Razer Synapse app.

    As someone who prefers FPS and MOBA, I found myself using the six-button panel the most. The six-button was great for my hotkeys in Dota 2 and surprisingly useful in Valorant for certain skills like Phoenix’s and Harbor’s wall. The six-button and two-button panels also have an excellent rubber grip that is comfortable to use.

    The panels are also easily removed. The whole system is held on by two surprisingly strong magnets. No matter how much I shook the mouse, the panels never came off. If you need to change panels, just pull it from the bottom, and it comes off without a hitch.

    As mentioned earlier, the Razer Naga V2 Pro also has Bluetooth support. For someone who uses a tablet on the go, I thought this was awesome. That said, entering pairing mode can be tricky as you must press the wheel and the two buttons beneath it simultaneously. Once paired, you can bring over your custom profiles like DPS and scroll tensions.

    In terms of use and feel, the Naga V2 Pro feels great on the hands. The finger rest on the right keeps the device comfortable during long gaming sessions. Its short body is also perfect for those with smaller hands like me. However, the Naga V2 Pro is quite heavy at 134g. FPS gamers who prefer flashy flicks could have difficulty with the Naga V2 Pro. I also wouldn’t recommend it for left-handed folk, mainly because of its right-handed design.

    Value: 3.5/5

    Retailing at PHP11,590, the Razer Naga V2 Pro is among the most expensive mice on the market. But is it worth it? It depends on the user. If you’re an MMORPG fan or love macro controls on the daily, the up to 22 customizable buttons are definitely worth it. But for most ordinary gamers, it can be a stiff asking price for what it offers compared to other gaming mice.


    • Sensor: Razer Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor
    • Sensitivity/ DPI: up to 30000
    • Max Acceleration: 70G
    • Max Speed: 750
    • Switch type: Razer Optical Switch 3rd Gen (rated up to 90 million clicks)
    • Number of Programmable Buttons: 10/14/20
    • Connectivity: USB Type-C, 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 5.0
    • Dimension: 119.5 x 75.5 x 43.5mm
    • Weight: 134g (12 button panel and w/o USB and Dongle)
    • Battery: up to 150 hrs (2.4GHz wireless); 300 hrs (Bluetooth)

    What’s Hot:

    • Razer Focus Pro 30K
    • Sensor
    • Interchangeable side panels
    • Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless support
    • Ultimate customizability

    What’s Not:

    • A bit heavy


    The Razer V2 Pro is a gaming luxury with great performance for everyone.

    Reviewed by Gabriel John Pe
    Also published in Gadgets Magazine February 2023 Issue.

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