Review: Toshiba NB520

    Toshiba NB520


    From the very first time I laid eyes on this beauty, I fell in love with it. The color and the thinness with the dotted rubberized-feel finish added glam and bit of masculinity to it, you’ll surely fall in love as well.

    Usually when I look for a gadget, I look at the physical appearance first. I don’t want anything bulky but I want a promise of luxury and style but of course let us not forget how useful it should be and how long you can use it.

    This is the first time I saw a laptop with speakers on its armrest, and I thought it was a pretty amazing idea. We all know that netbooks often have “not-so-awesome” audio features, but the Toshiba NB520 will prove us wrong. It has a built-in 2×2-watt Harman Kardon stereo speakers which releases crisp and clear sounds. I tried playing games, watched videos and even listened to recordings while setting this device on its loudest. You could also connect an MP3 player on this netbook and use the speakers separately; you wouldn’t even need to turn it on. This is perhaps the only netbook that makes it a must-have if only for its ultimate listening experience.

    Toshiba NB520 comes with a 10.1-inch 1024 x 600px LED-backlit display and it can support 720p HD playback, just right for this little wonder. It is bundled with the Toshiba bulletin board software where you can find help tips, computer care and make a real bulletin board. This is a new addition to Toshiba’s line of laptops. This provides users with customizable space where they can place a calendar, clock, to-do list and even photos and notes. It’s just a drag and drop program so you will surely find your way around.

    The speakers and the fine finish are pretty cool although I’m not really a fan of the touch pad, I felt the rough texture isn’t the best way to go. It was not too responsive for tracking and it’s left and right clicks buttons was located at the edge of the laptop so they we’re hard to press. This could be the ultimate media netbook except for the low definition built-in web camera.

    The Toshiba NB250 would be perfect for users who enjoy their music, movies and other media. Users will be able to have a go with it for 8.5 hours when fully charged. So if you are specific about a netbook that can support your multimedia needs, the Toshiba NB520 is your perfect match.



    OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft 7 starter

    PROCESSOR: Intel Atom N455


    DISPLAY:  10.1″ HD Led Glare


    What’s hot?

    Awesome Harman Kardon stereo speakers

    HD playback possible

    8.5-hours battery life


    What’s not?

    Rough touch pad



    The Toshiba NB520 ise perfect for people on the go who wants to to enjoy their music fix but also needs a laptop for other things.


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