Reviewed: Blaupunkt BP 2.0 FHD

    I’ve wanted to get a dash cam for some time now because there are a variety of possible of traffic situations that can happen, and I felt that having a dash cam that records the whole drive can give me added security. In a traffic dispute, if I can show a video of what really happened, it can settle the issue conclusively.

    Design 4.0/5.0

    The Blaupunkt BP 2.0 Full HD Digital Video Recorder is a very basic dashcam. The box contained a small nondescript digital camera, USB cable, car charger and a bracket with suction. But I have to say that it is stylish even in its simplicity.

    Hardware 4.0/5.0

    For a basic surveillance camera, the Blaupunkt BP 2.0 FHD is well-made. Depending on user setting, it can record in full HD and the 2-inch monitor may be tiny, but the video display is reasonably clear. The bracket with the accompanying suction is quite sturdy and holds the camera steady even when driving on rough roads.

    User Experience 4.0/5.0

    Setting it up was easy, but not very intuitive. I had to read the enclosed manual to figure out how the buttons worked. Following the instructions on the manual, I turned the camera on to set the date and time, then set the camera resolution to 1080 FHD, set loop recording to 2 minutes, left exposure setting to the default +0/0, and turned the audio recording on. Everything was all set after I attached the camera to the bracket, mounted it on my windshield just behind the rear-view mirror, and plugged in the USB cord to the car charger.

    Once plugged, the Blaupunkt 2.0 FHD Dash Cam, worked like any plug-and-play gadget. It automatically powered up every time I turned on the car, recorded the whole trip without fail, and automatically powered down when I turned off the car.

    The quality of the video recording during daytime is really clear and respectably okay at night. The 120-degree wide angle captures a full view of the car’s journey. It is also easy to browse through the video files as they are divided into chunks of 30-second to 2-minute loops, depending on how the recording loop is set, and the 16 GB SD Card provides sufficient storage. The audio quality is acceptable, although if I have the radio on and all the windows are closed, the sound from outside the car is muffled and barely audible on playback.

    Value 5.0/5.0

    At just a little over PHP 3,000, the BP 2.0 FHD does what is expected of a basic dashcam: it records everything while the vehicle is moving. It may not have any bells or whistles, but it does the job reliably without fail.

    Great for an entry-level dashcam.

    Also published in Gadgets Magazine September 2017 issue
    Words by Presy Alba

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