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CASE: Animatronics

A mind-blowing plot, impressive graphics, and challenging quests; these are the things that I commonly search for as a casual gamer. I have encountered and tried a lot of role-playing games (RPGs) on the app market, but only few have kept a spot on my phone. There’s one, however, that ticks all the boxes on my list, and has made me squeal like a little girl. This is CASE: Animatronics.

If the title rings a bell, then you’ve probably heard of its PC version on Steam. Many critics have compared it to Five Nights at Freddy’s due to its similar gameplay and animatronic villains. Russian game developer Aleson worked with Azur Interactive Games Limited for the Android version, retaining the horror, and garnering more than a million downloads in Google Play. It goes a long way for occupying just about 132 MB of your device’s internal storage, and can even be played offline.

A night full of terror
Players step into the shoes of John Bishop, a workaholic detective who carries out investigations late at night. Waking up from a nightmare at your table, you find yourself alone with only a flashlight in hand. You also have a tablet that gives real time access to the office’s CCTV cameras. After receiving a phone call from an old friend, things suddenly turn strange and then take a twist towards terrifying. You see a pair of red eyes shine approaching from the darkness while the sound of metal fills the air. You are able to identify the thing as an animatronic creature. Locked down inside the facility while being chased by a robotic monster, you have no choice but to figure out what’s going on, search for an escape route, and find the one responsible for this madness.

The gameplay
The game might be simple, but it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Players have to be alert when it comes to their hearing, decisive, and observant of the things happening on-screen. The game effectively utilizes jump scares to keep you on your toes, and when great graphics are matched with striking, spine-chilling music and sound effects, expect yourself to scream at the top of your lungs. Best when played with your headphones on, the game gives an immersive experience to the players without the fancy, action-packed world that other RPGs and FPS shooting games offer.

What we liked about the game, despite limited life, is the checkpoint feature which automatically saves your in-game progress. Clues are also not hard to find since the developers made it shine even in the dark. Unlike any other horror game, CASE: Animatronics lets the lead character hide and cower in lockers, closets, and even under tables. Staying on the move would also help you to survive the chaos.

The game, however, is full of missions to accomplish, all of which get difficult as you go on. You are granted only three lives to finish the game in one sitting, which can be quite a feat. Purchasing in-game currency, as well as watching ads when online, are the only way to gain additional lives.

Developer: Aleson

Publisher: Azur Interactive Games Limited 

Platform: Android

Words by Jewel Sta. Ana

Art by Jael Mendoza