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    Secretlab DC Super Heroes lineup supercharged with Superman and The Flash chairs

    TechnologyGamingSecretlab DC Super Heroes lineup supercharged with Superman and The Flash chairs

    Secretlab supercharges its epic DC Super Heroes lineup with all-new Superman
    and The Flash Edition chairs. Together with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC,
    Secretlab has created the world’s most comfortable chairs for fans of the DC Universe and two
    of the founding members of the Justice League.

    This year, Superman and The Flash join Batman and The Joker in the Secretlab DC Collection.
    The line of chairs brings to life some of the most iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains from
    the DC Universe. The complete collection is now available for the Secretlab 2022 Series in
    Small, Regular and XL, so DC fans can kick back and relax with their favorite Super Hero (or Super-Villain).

    From the Golden Age of comics to the modern age, Superman and The Flash have become
    universal symbols of justice, bringing together generations of DC fans all over the world with
    their heroism. Deeply embedded in modern mythology, Superman and The Flash have passed
    through the hands of multiple directors, artists, writers and actors over the past century, each
    bringing something new to their characters while cementing their legacy.

    The Secretlab Superman and The Flash Edition chairs deliver unique interpretations of each
    Super Hero, fusing the iconic shield of the House of El — the symbol of hope — and the
    awe-inspiring lightning bolt of valor, speed, and optimism, with the next-generation ergonomic
    upgrades of the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022.

    Secretlab Superman Edition

    Pay homage to the greatest Super Hero in comic book history. Upholstered in a moody storm
    blue, the Secretlab Superman Edition chair renders the House of El shield in metallic red and
    silver accents for striking contrast. A timeless design for a hero that transcends the ages.

    Secretlab The Flash Edition

    Celebrate the fastest man alive with the Secretlab The Flash Edition chair. Clad in a deep
    garnet red and detailed lightning accents, the chair is a perfect fit for fans of the fast-talking,
    timeline-altering, and multiverse-saving speedster.

    Said Ian Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab:“The epic stories of the DC Super Heroes have always been deeply intertwined so we knew we wanted an equally epic lineup of chairs to supercharge the experience for fans as they dive into the DC Universe. Featuring the iconic duo of Superman and The Flash in this latest expansion was an obvious choice. Nothing says an immersive experience like reading your favorite DC comics or playing DC video games in a Secretlab chair inspired by a beloved DC character, and this is just the start of all the exciting stuff we’ve got planned for fans!”

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