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LGD Gaming and Esportsplay Gaming partners up to form an international esports team

One of the oldest e-sports clubs in China, LGD Gaming, recently inked its partnership with esports organization Esportsplay Gaming to form an international esports team and improve the local landscape for esports. It was held at Forbes Ballroom of the Conrad Hotel in the Philippines.

Established in 2009, LGD Gaming has been an important name in the global esports scene. The company’s CEO, Pan Jie “RuRu” has always attached importance to the construction of youth training echelons. The Chinese esports company established the CDEC youth training system in order to select qualified and competitive players that will represent China in DOTA and DOTA competitions. Through the years, LGD Gaming has become a well-deserved “Whampoa Military Academy” in China’s e-sports circle.

Facing this kind of growth momentum, LGD Gaming together with Esportsplay Gaming decided to bring its world-class training system in the Philippines. The said cooperation between the two esports organization promotes the training of e-sports talents in the country, focusing more on digging out top core players for training.

Gamers and fans also got the chance to see star players, such as Ah Jit, Chuan, and Ruru in a friendly match. Present during the event were Esports Playgaming COO John Tse, Esports Playgaming CEO Ivan Cuevas, LGD Gaming CEO Pan Jie, and LGD Gaming Manager Pan Fei.

Future plans of the two companies include opening a gaming arena in Cebu in line with its mission to drive esports forward by creating a talent training program and developing an ecosystem, as well as build an international team and training headquarters.