Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizers reduce airborne contamination

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    The Orion Series sterilizers by Aller Plasma are a range of air and surface sterilizers that reduce airborne contamination and are eco-friendly. Using the latest cold plasma technology, these sterilizers are a cost-efficient solution for every reopening business that needs to protect its clients and employees.

    The Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizers

    The Orion Series Sterilizers are filter-free and have specially designed conversion ion tubes to produce cold plasma. These ion tubes convert air into bi-polar ions (positive and negative ions) that proactively eliminate microscopic pollutants that traditional filters cannot trap. By replicating nature’s own cleaning process, these sterilizers are not just the most advanced and cost-efficient option but the most environmentally safe ones as well. 

    The Orion Series Sterilizers also help to remove dust in the breathing area, which leads to fewer allergies, while eliminating unpleasant odors and VOCs. These sterilizers are best to use while there are people in an occupied space because they are safe for humans, pets, and plants.

    All Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizers are unobtrusive due to the ultra-quiet operation, and are easy to maintain (the units are plug and play). There are five Orion Series models to choose from: Shield 30, Shield 50, Shield 100, XPro, and Defend. All the models work effectively in different indoor area spaces, depending on the specific area requirement.

    One model, the Shield 30, is specifically designed for elevator use (a high-touch area where viruses and bacteria are commonly present).

    All Orion Series Sterilizers were specifically developed to help various businesses restart and continue operations in an affordable, reliable, and above all, safe manner. 

    Prices are as follows:

    • Orion Shield 30 is P23,000.00
    • Orion Shield 50 is P29,800.00
    • Orion Shield 100 is P48,000.00
    • Orion XPro is P63,800.00
    • Orion Defend is P79,800.00

    Aller Orion Products can be ordered from

    How cold plasma technology works

    Aller Innovations Inc. has focused on developing the most powerful best-in-class sterilizers in the market using cold plasma technology. 

    Cold plasma is ionized air, and when these plasma ions are dispersed in the surrounding space, they proactively attach themselves to unseen airborne bacteria, viruses, and odor molecules. As a result, it deactivates and destroys these harmful contaminants, transforming them into harmless water vapor. Cold plasma ions replicate a natural bio-climate rich in positive and negative oxygen ions, similar to what sunlight does in the atmosphere.

    An article from 2020 at reports that cold plasma technology can be used as a tool for virus inactivation. 

    Researchers from UCLA also believe that plasma treatments can help stop the spread of COVID-19. They used cold plasma technology to spray surfaces (including plastic, metal, cardboard, and leather) treated with SARS-CoV-2 cultures and found that all the coronavirus strains were killed in less than three minutes. Most of the virus was destroyed after 30 seconds.

    Good air quality is essential to well-being and satisfaction

    “As we are slowly restarting our economy and going back to our “next normal” life, the need for a safer, cleaner and more sterile environment has never been this important. We can survive without food for 3 weeks and without water for 3 days. But we cannot survive without air for more than 3 minutes! Yes, there is an abundance of air, but we have to consider the “quality” of indoor air that we breathe, particularly in high foot-traffic areas, offices, and commercial spaces where we share indoor air with other people,” said Jona A. Chiang of Aller Innovations Inc. 

    Today, it is a challenge for businesses to give their stakeholders the “peace of mind” and the safest experience possible. Employees and customers are beginning to go back to malls, offices, banks, clinics, hospitals, and other indoor spaces. No one can afford to get sick, and no one wants to lose their life. Aller Plasma aims to alleviate this challenge. 

    According to numerous news articles and reports, COVID-19 infection can potentially occur from airborne exposure to the virus, under specific circumstances. That is why it is important to ensure that the indoor air we breathe is clean and free from unseen harmful viruses and pathogens.

    Even just a rumor of a virus outbreak can impact a store negatively. Business owners need to reassure people that the air inside their premises is free from viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pollutants. 

    “Aller Plasma has been advocating this safe and promising Cold Plasma technology since 2015 even before the global pandemic. We listen to our valued clients’ feedback and continue to innovate and improve on our products in order to provide safer solutions to each Filipino household. Now we have expanded our household plasma sterilizers for commercial use with the Orion Series Air and Surface Plasma Sterilizers, to provide solutions to companies in our battle against CoViD-19,” said Chiang

    According to a World Bank report, the Philippine economy is set to register economic growth of 5.9% in 2021 as more businesses resume operations and private consumption picks up. 

    For more information on the Aller Orion series, visit the website or connect via Facebook and Instagram @allerplasma

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