Aller Plasma Nano+ portable air purifier and surface sanitizer

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    When it comes to balancing safety, function and design, the Aller Plasma  Nano+ is one of the best gifts for your loved ones. 

    How the Aller Plasma Nano+ works 

    The Aller Plasma Nano+ is a sleek, compact, portable air purifier and surface sterilizer. it was developed by Aller Innovations Inc. and makes use of Cold Plasma technology that can kill up to  99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in the air and surfaces. 

    The unit has two modes: eco and enhanced. The eco mode is used for sterilizing cars, while the enhanced mode is used for sterilizing storage bins and small rooms. It has a built-in battery that takes only two hours to charge and the unit can be used for up to three hours. You can use it wirelessly or while it is plugged.  

    The Aller Plasma Nano+ can eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses within an enclosed 70L  container in only 15 minutes. It can also sterilize a space of up to 30 cubic meters, roughly the size of a small room.

    A gift that everyone can appreciate 

    Given these difficult and safety-conscious times, we need to be more thoughtful when giving out gifts. Fortunately, the Aller Plasma Nano+ can be used and appreciated by all kinds of people. 

    If you’re thinking of giving gifts to the fur parents or plantitos/plantitas in your life, the unit is safe for people, pets, and even plants! Families with small children will also find the Aller Plasma Nano+  useful in sterilizing groceries (before you even bring these into your home) and toys. 

    It’s a wonderful present for senior citizens as well, who need to be extra careful and conscious regarding their health. The state-of-the-art technology used by the Aller Plasma Nano+ is packaged in a unit that is easy to use and not at all intimidating for seniors — just plug and play! Attach the power cord and give the power button a long press. It is that simple! 

    Great for indoors. . . 

    Since this quarantine has kept us indoors for most, if not all, of the day, week, or month, we need to make sure that our indoor air quality is excellent. The Aller Plasma Nano+ can sterilize a small room within an hour so it is perfect for those who work from home or live in small condo units. It is also eco-friendly as it does not use any filters or any secondary pollutants.  

    . . . and great for outdoors 

    If you have friends and family members who need to go out regularly for work or to buy essentials,  they can place the Aller Plasma Nano+ in their vehicle. It only takes about 30 minutes to fully sterilize a car, which is perfect for people who are always on the go. This is especially useful for those who plan to visit a few close loved ones for the holidays, even as they maintain social distancing rules. 

    Holiday 2020 colors for your loved ones 

    This year, there are three colors to choose from:  

    Winter White is perfect for your minimalist friend or your Tita who loves Scandinavian-inspired appliances and furniture. White can go with pretty much any color or theme. 

    Space Grey is a cool, understated color that will fit into any bachelor pad or man cave so it’s a great gift for the men in your life — Dad, Kuya, Tito, or any guy friends — so that they can stay safe and stylish.

    Limited Edition Gold is for friends or loved ones who, in the midst of all the trials and difficulties of the year, have been there for you and others. These are the golden people in your life, such as your loving Mom, that generous Tita, your faithful spouse, a loyal BFF, or the boss who made sure you were okay. What better way to show your appreciation than giving something that looks gorgeous while keeping them safe and protected?  

    A necessity, not a luxury 

    This pandemic has taught us that what is truly important and meaningful are the relationships and people we treasure. And that the best gifts in this New Normal Christmas — like the Aller Plasma  Nano+ — are those that are not just expensive, cool, or interesting, but practical, helpful, and meaningful.  

    The Aller Plasma Nano+ is priced at PHP 6,000.00 per unit and can be purchased through their online shop at For more information on the Aller Plasma Nano+, you can visit their website or connect via Facebook on Aller Plasma Sterilizer and Instagram @allerplasma.

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