How to clean and maintain your home appliances

    During times of uncertainty, among all the places, our home is considered the safest. Still, we should practice preventive measures like cleaning or disinfecting our homes, and everything that we use regularly like our home appliances.

    The Enhanced Community Quarantine has been in place for more than a month now, and we have been using our appliances more than usual. According to a study published in March 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 that is now causing a pandemic is more stable on plastics and stainless steel. These two are the most common appliance surfaces at home. 

    XTREME Appliances recommends the following tips on how to clean and maintain some of your home appliances to keep you and your loved ones healthy: 

    Wipe off dust from the TV and sanitize the remote

    Dust is a common allergen that may cause an adverse reaction when you inhale them. That is why it is best to regularly wipe off dust, especially in common areas like your living room. Before cleaning the TV, turn it off, let it cool down for a while then unplug. Using a slightly damp microfiber or soft cloth, start by wiping the edges or frames of the TV, followed by the screen. Make sure not to press too hard to avoid scratching the screen surface.

    Do not forget to clean and sanitize the remote control! Remote controls get dirty because of many hands and fingers have touched it. Remove the battery, turn it face down, and tap the remote against your palm to remove any debris. Wipe the surface and buttons with alcohol-based wipes or a cloth dampened in at least 70% isopropyl alcohol. 

    Make sure air conditioner filters do not get clogged and dirty

    Having a clean air conditioner at home will not only give you practical benefits like energy savings and improved efficiency. Keeping it clean can also help maintain good health. A poorly maintained air conditioner can cause itchy eyes, headaches, and even respiratory problems. 

    Depending on the frequency of usage, cleaning can be on a daily, monthly, or seasonal basis. Cleaning can be through a professional cleaner or DIY (do-it-yourself). Start by removing the trim panel or frame, remove dust and dirt from the cooling fins using a fin comb, remove visible build-ups or debris using a vacuum, let dry, then assemble back. 

    Here’s an XTREME reminder: Do not use your air conditioner 24/7! Leaving it overworked may damage the compressor and condenser. Who would want a damaged air conditioner while on ECQ, right?

    Keep your food storage clean

    The kitchen is probably the dirtiest part of the house, and kitchen appliances need to be kept clean at all times. The refrigerator acts as storage for fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, cooked food, and other perishables. A clean refrigerator can help keep food fresh and food-borne illnesses away. 

    Make it a habit to check stored goods in the refrigerator weekly. Throw away expired consumables and keep the remaining in proper storage. Before cleaning your refrigerator, remove all food from the fridge, take out shelves and drawers and wash them with dish soap. Wipe the interior but avoid using strong-scented soap to avoid leaving odors that may be absorbed by the food. As an alternative to soap, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to remove stains. Dry it off with a clean dry cloth before returning the shelves, drawers and stored goods. Make sure to wash raw food from the supermarket and allocations from your local government unit before storing them in the refrigerator. Clean the exterior using a soft cloth and dishwashing soap mixed with water. Then, “rinse” the excess soap using a damp cloth. 

    Here’s an XTREME tip: Eliminate foul odors and keep the fridge smelling fresh by putting activated charcoal or an open box of baking soda. 

    “While our homes act as our haven in this present situation, there is nothing wrong with ensuring that we are free from any sickness even indoors. Our frontliners are working hard to save each life while risking theirs. Let’s do them a favor. Stay at home to avoid the risk of getting the virus. Let’s stay healthy, ” shares Adrian Lim, XTREME Appliances general manager

    By following these tips on how to clean and maintain some of your home appliances, you can now ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy under your roof.

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