Introducing… Mr. Francis Tan

    Introducing... Mr. Francis Tan

    They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (ok, not really sure if the boy was named Jack, but y’all get it).

    And we here at Gadgets Magazine are hardly what you’d call your run-of-the-mill dull techie geek.

    Especially me.

    I’m a big, fat bully at the office. But a lovable one.

    And just to give you a glimpse of some of our “behind-the-scenes” antics, here’s the latest prank I pulled on our newest Gadgets’ member, Marketing and Events Officer, Mr. Francis Tan aka sexy guy who talks really deep (but says he doesn’t talk that way who our tech editor, John Nieves has a huge man-crush on), according to our Editorial Assistant, the lovely Ms. Danee Torres.

    Whew. =P


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