IPC challenges traditional business models with Chrome Enterprise

    Technology IPC challenges traditional business models with Chrome Enterprise

    IP Converge Data Services Inc. (IPC), a local data center and cloud service provider, is challenging local traditional businesses model with its offering of Chrome Enterprise, a comprehensive end-to-end business solutions suite that allows enterprises “to work safely in the cloud.”

    With more businesses moving to cloud-based solutions, IPC is aiming to provide a smooth and satisfying experience to enterprises with its array of cloud solutions like Chrome Enterprise.

    “The business sector is inherently fast-paced,” said Niño Valmonte, director, Marketing and Digital Innovation, IPC. “As it continuously innovates and adopts new business models, it requires agility and flexibility in tools of the trade. To cater to these demands, IPC strengthens its partnership with Google to provide business solutions such as the Chrome Enterprise that offers the complete cloud suite package, as well as multi-layered security.”

    Chrome Enterprise encompasses various devices and services such as video conferencing, and cloud-based apps, and features that add to business productivity.

    IPC is also collaborating with the country’s leading hardware vendors to equip businesses with Google-powered devices that support the Chrome Enterprise Suite such as Chromebooks, Chrome bits, and Chromebox.

    Chrome Enterprise provides organizations with their own Chrome account. The account allows them to connect with the rest of the organization with a single sign-in. Chrome Enterprise also makes use of Google’s Hangout Meet, the application can bring an organization together into a single HD-Resolution video call conference minus the complications of setup.

    IPC’s Chrome Enterprise hardware offerings also include the Chrome OS Device Management License and Chromebox Hangouts Meet Support, together with IPC’s standard 24/7 local support.

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