CES 2017: Razer Project Valerie

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    Razer’s Project Valerie concept laptop is a perfect example of a company creating stuff because it can.

    You’ve probably seen it making rounds on social media: a notebook that looks pretty normal, but then transforms into a triple monitor beast because someone decided that a single 17.3 inch 4K display isn’t enough. That’s right. This puppy is capable of an effective resolution of 11520 x 2160 pixels, all being driven by an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU.

    The displays are deployed automatically within a few seconds, saving future owners the hassle of setting and aligning everything up. They can be used integrated together for purposes such as 12K gaming, or independently for multiple applications per window.

    The prototype also has a Chroma keyboard and a full-sized trackpad to its right like a Razer Blade Pro. Even with all its specs and features, it still comes in only as thick as an average 17 inch gaming notebook. This makes it a valid option for creative professionals who need the power and display magnitude typically seen on desktops, but in an easy-to-carry form factor.

    Hopefully, the final product will be light and has a battery life long enough to get some work done without being tethered to the wall.

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