Epson launches new dye-sublimation printers with enhanced usability

    Epson has announced the launch of its new 64-inch dye-sublimation printers, the SureColor SC-F9430, and SC-F9430H digital textile printers. The printers have been developed to deliver outstanding quality and high-volume printing for sports apparel, fashion apparel, home decorations, outdoor signages as well as other printed merchandise. 

    The SC-F9430H offers businesses the additional feature of printing fluorescent colors using the new Epson genuine fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink inks. The new Epson Fluorescent Color Collection library in the brand’s Edge Print software enables color processing for fluorescent inks, bringing customers more color variation during processing.

    “The introduction of Epson’s genuine fluorescent solution provides new value to our customers. Customers can now get wider application of sports apparel, fashion wear, home decorations and even soft signage with our fluorescent inks, opening the doors to greater creativity and expression in design,” said Eduardo Bonoan, general manager for marketing, Epson Philippines. 

    “We’ve also introduced a wider choice of EMX files, an instructional/ maintenance video that can be launch from a QR code, and a host of other features that make set-up usage and maintenance simple and easy,” added Bonoan. 

    Powered by Epson’s PrecisionCore Thin Film Piezo printhead technology, the SC-F9430 series comes with a total solution including its Epson engineered Ultrachrome DS and Ultrachrome DS6 inks as well as its Edge Print software for enhanced control of print outputs and LFP Accounting Software for tracking of print jobs. 

    In addition to the enhanced usability of this F-Series range, Epson has retained many of the key functions from previous models that enable Epson to drive innovation in the industry and increase opportunities for businesses.

    “We’re sure that the SC-F9430 series will have a positive effect on the bottom line of many businesses,” said Bonoan.  

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