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Fujitsu announces new generation fi-800R scanner

Fujitsu Philippines Inc. executives with Fi series scanners

Fujitsu Philippines Inc. has announced the arrival of its latest fi-series line-up, the versatile and compact Fujitsu fi-800R scanner.

The latest compact scanner from Fujitsu, the fi-800R

“Fujitsu has been the global image scanner market leader for a decade. We are committed to innovation and caring about our customers’ needs and that is why we are introducing the fi-800R, our next-generation compact scanner. As the smallest image scanner in its class, the fi-800R is simply easy to operate and the ideal scanner for limited workspaces like reception desks and service counters,” said Paula Vicente, product manager, Fujitsu Imaging Products.

Fujitsu Philippines Product manager, Paula Vicente talks about the fi-800R.

According to Fujitsu, the fi-800R was created to meet the demands of the rising digitalization and automation in the field of fintech, residential transactions and medicine. The compact A4 scanner is capable of booklet scanning and continuous Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) document scanning. 

Fujitsu Philippines Inc. Marketing director Marjerie Balbuena talks about the new fi-800R scanner.

Equipped with a dual path mechanism, the fi-800R is versatile. It has a return scan function for small booklets and thick documents such as passports or plastic cards. It also has a U-turn scan function for A4-sized documents which enables fast scanning of up to 40 pages per minute.

The scanner contains world-first technology one of which corrects skewed documents one at a time, as well as software that checks page orientation and sorts documents for a simplified pre-scanning operation. These powerful yet simple operations reduce operator workload and assist reception operations, allowing for better customer service.