OPPO will redefine the Internet of Experience in 2021

    Technology Smartphones & Tablets OPPO will redefine the Internet of Experience in 2021

    In his new year message, Tony Chen, founder and CEO of OPPO, notes that the company will continue its journey of exploration to become a world leader in the Internet of Experience, where things and people become even more interconnected.

    Having established itself as more than a smartphone company, OPPO is keeping pace with the changes, continuously adapting to end-user needs. To its customers, it has become a gateway to a connected world, comprising a huge ecosystem of trusted partners from technology providers, operators, and device manufacturers to artists and creators.  

    The smartphone lies at the center of the OPPO ecosystem, with the flagship Find Series at the very top. Ten years of development of the Find Series will culminate in the first quarter of 2021 with the launch of the high-end Find X3 to firmly establish OPPO as a leader in refinement, style, and quality.   

    Chen says he expects the Find X3 to set the standard for high-end smartphones and secure OPPO’s position among the world’s most respected and trusted brands. 

    Chen described the adjustments and changes that the 40,000-strong company had to undergo in 2020, saying: “Our focus at the beginning of the year was to manage the effects of the COVID outbreak on our colleagues, keeping their safety and wellbeing to the fore. With a lot of hard work, we managed through the early part of the crisis with some success. We then restructured the company, simplified our product lines, and launched the Find X2 Series, the Reno4 Series, and the Reno5 Series of smartphones.”

    In 2020 OPPO unveiled its Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World brand belief, and presented its 3+N+X development strategy.  

    Despite a declining market, OPPO grew in 2020, remaining the market leader in Southeast Asia. In India, sales rose with a 33% increase in brand preference, while shipments in Western Europe and Japan tripled. By the end of the year, OPPO had almost 400M worldwide users of its ColorOS operating system. Also in 2020, the brand extended its range of Internet of Experience products with smart TVs, watches, and headphones.     

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