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Quick Look: Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

Pushing the boundaries of Android tablets, this new generation of the Yoga Smart Tab is equipped with a 10.1-inch FHD display, paired with rich, clear audio thanks to its its dual JBL Hi-Fi speakers optimized with Dolby Atmos. Turning into an intuitive and modern smart home hub, the Yoga Smart Tab now comes with Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode which transforms the device into a digital photo frame, controls your music and smart home devices, and quickly accesses important updates. Apart from its top-of-the-line audio and video capabilities, it comes with a signature multi-modal Yoga kickstand that allows users to tilt, stand, hold or hang the tablet, enabling its full experience at virtually any angle. To top it off, the sleek tablet has three digital mic arrays and 360-degree far-field voice recognition that can pick up voice commands from across the room.

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE October 2019 Issue