Quick Look: Linksys MR8300

    Addressing the growing demand of consumers for a seamless 4K entertainment experience and mobile gaming at home, Linksys launched a new Wi-Fi mesh router. The Linksys MR8300 has 93 percent lower ping than its competitors in a multi-user environment. It supports up to 2.2 Gbps Internet speeds, and is powered by a 716 MHz quad-core processor, improving overall network performance on wired, wireless, and WAN to LAN connections for homes that require massive bandwidth. Through MU-MIMO technology, the MR8300 delivers a dedicated signal to each connected device. Giving users the flexibility to cover any dead spots, the router is equipped with Intelligent Mesh Technology that adapts, self-heals, and optimizes Wi-Fi bands and channels based on the user’s behavior. It can connect over 15 devices without lag and delays, and has four high-performing antennas to transmit signals at its maximum strength.

    PHP 10,995

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE September 2019 Issue

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