Synology highlights modern data management approaches at PH Digital Transformation Summit

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    In the dynamic realm of digital transformation, safeguarding business data is paramount and the cornerstone of constructive digital transformation processes. Synology showcased innovative data storage solutions covering data management, business productivity, and data protection at the Digital Transformation Summit in the Philippines. Trusted by over 150,000 enterprises worldwide, Synology aims to help businesses expand the value and scope of their data by providing reliable and secure business solutions to help build strong foundations for digital transformation efforts. 

    Thachawan C., regional sales manager of Synology, emphasized, “By harnessing the power of data management, organizations can uncover actionable insights and optimize operations, thereby accelerating their digital transformation initiatives.”

    Next-generation storage solutions for the transformative journey ahead

    As organizations embrace transformative technologies in any phase of their business processes, having a robust data storage and management solution is key to helping digest the surge in information and data generated. Synology introduced the latest range of storage devices specifically designed to cater to the demands of digital transformation initiatives. From the SA6400, poised for future scalability, to the HD6500, tailored for PB-level storage requirements, the brand provides enterprises with the foundation they need to fuel their digital journey.

    Synology’s comprehensive suite of solutions is adept at addressing the high-performance and reliability demands of digital transformation endeavors, including virtualization environments, big data analytics, and deep learning. With the latest 7.2 version of DiskStation Manager, businesses gain access to a plethora of advanced tools, such as immutable snapshots and the Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) mechanism. These bolster data protection measures and enable seamless system deployment to meet the diverse operational needs of every organization.

    Comprehensive data protection solution

    By offering a robust suite of data management and protection solutions, Synology is empowering businesses to navigate through data complexities and build a strong foundation for digital transformation with confidence. As highlighted at the Digital Transformation Summit in the Philippines, the company’s innovative technologies and reliable solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of enterprises, ensuring data integrity, protection, and scalability, and ultimately help organizations worldwide achieve their digital transformation goals and harness the full potential of their data.

    Synology at a glance

    Staying at the forefront of data management, Synology innovates and adapts to ever-evolving technologies, and continues bringing new possibilities to the table, including but not limited to solutions for data storage and backup, file collaboration, video management, and network infrastructure – all designed with one goal in mind – presenting a centralized platform to simplify IT administration while driving digital transformation for businesses worldwide. For more information, kindly visit:

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