Amazon Web Services offers suites for game developers

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    It doesn’t necessarily take a big studio to create a hit video game—that was the message Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing arm of its namesake e-commerce company, wanted to convey during its recent AWS Media Masterclass on Gaming. Olivier Klein, AWS APAC Solutions Architect, led the class and demonstrated the capability of Amazon’s cloud-based solutions.

    AWS prides itself in power and scalability. Not only do users get access to over 90 cloud computing applications, they also only pay for what they use in per hour, per GB, or per transaction terms. The model ensures that developers can sustain their title’s continuous growth while maintaining the flexibility to boost backend resources during peak hours.

    Moreover, AWS applications all work whether the game be browser-based, mobile, or on PC and consoles.

    To store and deliver content, Amazon offers S3 and CloudFront; to test content across multiple devices, the brand has the Device Farm; user SQL data is courtesy of DynamoDB and DynamoDB Streams; targeted campaigns and user engagement is taken care of by Pinpoint; real-time events are logged through Kinesis; push notifications are handled by SNS Mobile Push; serverless business logic is done through Lambda; and user behavior is quickly condensed into usable data using Mobile Analytics.

    AWS also boasts of the Amazon Lumberyard, a free cross-platform game engine with built-in assets. It allows developers to quickly get their game up and running, incorporate them with the rest of AWS applications, as well as build a community with its built-in Twitch integration.

    Interested developers can go to the AWS website to checkout Amazon’s offerings, and sign up for a free account through this link.

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