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Epson partners with Photogs for a Cause in Kalinga

Earlier this year, Photogs For A Cause (PFAC), a group of professional photographers who work for NGOs free of charge, journeyed to the mountains of Kalinga to visit Barangay Buscalan . Besides documenting the area’s new birthing facility, PFAC also brought basic supplies as they took portraits of the community’s residents. The photos were then printed by an Epson L800 genuine ink tank system


“It’s a simple gift, and yet the joy that they exhibited upon receiving their photos can’t be quantified,” said Donna Ferro, head of Epson Philippines’ Marcom and PR. “These are people who have never owned a photo, and so this was incredibly precious for them,” added Ferro.

“This is not the first time that people have come here and take their photos. The visitors always say they will come back when they have the photo print outs, but they aren’t able to deliver on the promise, probably because of the treacherous paths that you need to take to get there. But now, with the Epson printer that we’ve brought to the mountain, for the first time, the locals get a copy of their photos,” beamed Tracey Heppner, founder of PFAC.


“There are a lot of stories here, and it was a pleasure capturing them through photographs. There was a father who posed with his kids—he lost his wife a while ago. There was an old man who has never even seen a photo of himself. There were a couple of kids who were waiting on me the whole day, and when I finally gave them their picture, they ran straight home to keep it safe. But perhaps the most memorable is this old woman who asked me how many months it would take for me to give her her photo—she had cancer, and she was anxious that she won’t be around when I come back. When I explained that she’d get it right away, there were tears in her eyes,” narrated Heppner.